In the United States decided to engage in the development of tanks based on artificial intelligence

The US Army has taken another step towardsthe development of automated weapons systems. The US military has turned to leading experts in the field of artificial intelligence technology with a proposal to take part in the creation of new types of ground-based military equipment, for example, tanks, which will have the capabilities of automatically detecting, conducting and defeating a potential enemy using AI technology. It is reported online edition Quartz.

Developed under the new project AdvancedTargeting and Lethality Automated Systems (ATLAS Advanced Automated Guidance and Destruction Systems) artificial intelligence technologies and algorithms will provide combat vehicles with almost complete control over the preparation and destruction of a potential enemy. However, the right to command the destruction of the enemy (according to American law) will remain with the operators of such combat units, the source said.

According to available data, at the moment inThe world uses several hundred different types of semi-automatic and fully automatic air defense systems. According to Paul Sharre, an expert in the field of protection technologies in the field of national security, to whom the Quartz publication addressed, the ATLAS project is intended to be the first stage in the use of such autonomous weapon systems as part of ground-based combat equipment.

According to the expert, such systems will allow“Maximize the free time for the combat vehicle operators to make a final decision and at the same time minimize the time to prepare for the start of firing.” In addition, the expert believes that the introduction and use of almost fully automated military equipment will reduce the number of civilian casualties, incidents of fire and other unintended consequences. This will also increase the safety of soldiers on the battlefield, Charre said.

“This will save time. Even a fraction of a second in combat conditions can play a crucial role. On the battlefield, very often there are situations in which you need to make almost instant decisions. If you, while in a tank, see an enemy tank, then, most likely, the crew of an enemy tank already sees you. If you are within reach of the target, then the enemy is also most likely ready to open fire on you, ”the expert comments, adding that the introduction of automated combat equipment control systems will increase the effectiveness of this technology in combat conditions.

Not everyone likes these prospects.

Last year, a group of 116 professionalsrepresenting 26 countries of the world, appealed to the UN to ban the development and distribution of autonomous weapons. Among the authors of the appeal - SpaceX CEO Ilon Musk and the founder of the company engaged in artificial intelligence, DeepMind Mustafa Suleiman.

The authors of the report drew attention to the UN Conventionon conventional weapons and warned that the new arms race would threaten the world with a third revolution in this area, comparable to the invention of gunpowder and nuclear weapons. The document emphasized that “if Pandora’s box is opened, it will be extremely difficult to close it”.

"When an autonomous lethal weapon is created,it will make it possible to conduct military operations at an unprecedented level and in such a short time that humanity will not be able to recognize them. A new type of weapon can become a weapon of dictators and terrorists used against civilians. Hackers will be able to hack it and use it for unacceptable purposes, ”the statement said.

Russia is ready to support the proposal to adoptThe UN has a declaration on the importance of maintaining human control over autonomous weapons systems, but strongly opposes the introduction of legally binding restrictions in this area.

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