In the official advertising Google showed Russian-language mat (2 videos)

When creating commercials oftenProfessionals have to resort to stupid fantasy and interesting tricks, but the latter, at first glance, Google’s quite friendly creation has become famous for showing the Russian-language mat.

June 26, the Internet giant has published onA YouTube channel ad called “See yourself at Google” (which you see yourself in Google), which should encourage potential job seekers to send their resume to Google. And everything would be fine, but the Russian-speaking user could see in the lines of the code shown from the 16th second of the video, the Russian-language swear words written in transliteration in lines 33 and 36 (govno jopa barebuh suka and pidar gopa). Where in the ad was taken this video insertion and why no one bothered to at least somehow check it for accuracy, it is unclear.

A little later, Google edited a commercial, removing the scandalous text, but on YouTube you can still find the original video below.

Original version