In the new NASA experiment, astronauts will lie motionless on the bed for two months.

Space travel in zero gravity haveon the human body a destructive effect. Thanks to the earth's gravity, people willy-nilly have to hold their body, and their muscles are constantly trained. With zero gravity, the human muscles are completely relaxed and quickly atrophy, so the ISS members have to exercise at least two hours a day. Ahead of humanity are waiting for long flights to Mars and other planets, so space agencies are looking for a way to reduce the effects of weightlessness. To do this, they have to conduct very tough experiments.

Many will surely be surprised that the best wayto simulate the absence of gravity in terrestrial conditions is to make a person lie on a bed for a long time. In the supine state, the same happens in humans with the human body as in space: the muscles atrophy, and the blood stops circulating correctly through the body.

It is just such a tough experiment.NASA and ESA space agencies: starting from March 25, for two months, 24 participants will lie in the beds of the Envihab Medical Center in Cologne, Germany. Their heads will be lowered six degrees below normal, and one shoulder will constantly touch the mattress. One group of participants will be in normal conditions, and the other will be placed in a centrifuge to create artificial gravity, which in theory allows blood to circulate through the body as usual.

Following the work of the cardiovascular system,state of the muscles, metabolic cycles and cognitive abilities, scientists will be able to figure out how useful artificial gravity in space travel. After the experiment, participants will go through a recovery phase, which will take at least 29 days.

It is noteworthy that a similar experiment is alreadywas held by NASA in 2014. A volunteer named Andrew Ivanitski could lie in bed for 40 days - during that time he felt severe headaches, hardly consumed food and experienced panic attacks. For participation in such experiments give large cash rewards, and in the USSR - gave new cars.

The results obtained during such testsvery important to humanity. Many companies want to promote space tourism, so there is a risk that many travelers will have big health problems. Perhaps artificial gravity will help avoid bad consequences.

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