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In the future, people will be able to make their own tattoos, but there is a risk of spoiling the body

Scientists believe that people began to put on theirbody tattoos from about 5,000 years ago. This is easy to believe, because drawings have even been found on the mummy of Ötzi, the so-called "ice man" found in the Alps on the border of Austria and Italy. The culture of applying images to the skin still exists and seems to be only gaining popularity every year. High-quality tattoos with good colors cost a lot of money and their application to the body takes a huge amount of time. A standard session with a tattoo artist lasts about 4 hours, and there are usually several sessions. All this time, a person is required to endure the pain from a needle entering under the skin, and then for about one week carefully care for the place where the drawing is applied. It seems that in the future tattoos will be applied painlessly and even ordinary people will be able to do this without the help of a tattoo specialist. Let's find out what the new method is and why the invention of such a method is bad.

New technology will allow you to make tattoos yourself, without a specialist

How to make a tattoo yourself

In the future, people who do not want to endure dozens of hourspain during tattoo sessions, will be able to cover themselves with drawings on their own. To do this, they will need to buy a special patch with a pattern, apply it to the skin and remove after a few minutes. After that, a real tattoo will remain on the skin, only done quickly and without pain.

Approximate view of a permanent tattoo patch

In general, the concept sounds like drawing a "childishtattoos" with a chewing gum insert. From the outside, it will really look as simple as possible, but, unlike children's pampering, the new technology inflicts tattoos forever - the drawings cannot be washed off with water.

Despite the very simple method of application, tattoos will last forever.

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Tattoo patches

Tattoo patches were inventedscientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA). According to SciTechDaily, these patches have tiny needles on their surface that are made up of special tattoo ink. These grain-sized needles are, in essence, the pixels that make up the whole image. When a person takes a patch and applies it to the skin, the ink dissolves and penetrates under the skin. After removing the patch, the pattern remains on the body and cannot be washed off.

Unfortunately, an example of a patch with a pattern has not yet been shown.

The inventors note that if desiredneedles can be made from temporary tattoo ink. In this case, people will be able to wear the tattoo only for a while - after a few weeks it will disappear. There is also the possibility of using colors that are only visible in the dark, which may also attract the attention of some people.

Plasters can be "refilled" with different types of paints

On the creation of patches for painlessThe tattooing of the researchers was inspired by an already existing technology. Patches with microscopic needles have been around for a long time - they are trying to be used in medicine for the rapid introduction of vaccines and drugs for diseases. In 2017, we talked about the benefits of patch vaccination: it's painless, cheap, doesn't require vaccines to be stored in a special container, and can be done almost anywhere.

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What will the tattoos of the future look like?

So, with the advent of patches with inkneedles, people will be able to painlessly apply tattoos to themselves, simply by buying the pattern they like in the store. But for this it is necessary that the technology be checked for harmlessness and allowed at the official level. If patches become popular, artists will be able to produce them with their own work and earn money from it.

The new technology will allow people to easily decorate their bodies. However, it could also be the other way around...

Also, artists will certainly create drawingsto order. And here one disturbing detail is revealed - not all people have good taste, and with the help of plasters for tattoos they can quickly and painlessly cover their body with far from the best creations. At a minimum, the demand for tattoo removal procedures with the names of lovers (who have already become former ones) may increase markedly.

It is possible that tattoo patches will have a bad effect on the appearance of people

Another example of a scary tattoo

However, things could turn out differently.It is possible that the new technology will become very affordable and people will stop turning to inexperienced tattooists for cheap tattoos. Thanks to this, terrible-looking drawings on the body can become less. As for the work of tattoo artists, they are unlikely to be affected by the new technology - many people are very loyal to tattoo artists and appreciate their manual labor.

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