In the future, people can boil alive, like "frogs in boiling water"

People adapt perfectly to the globalwarming of the air on Earth, and this has been proven by researchers at the University of California, Davis. They found that because of the slowness of the process, people simply did not notice serious changes and were getting used to the constantly increasing temperature. At first glance, this news may seem good, but in fact it is very frightening - the researchers believe that at some point people can simply boil alive without noticing the formation of an extremely dangerous and hot climate.

In the XIX century, scientists came up with a theorycalled "frog in boiling water." They were sure that the frog, thrown into a container with gradually heating and boiling water, would not notice the temperature change and simply cooked, and did not understand what had happened. Despite the fact that this theory has already been refuted, modern researchers are confident that in the future people may be waiting for the fate of that very frog from the original experiment.

From 2014 to 2016, a team of researchers underunder the guidance of Professor Francis Moore studied billions of messages on Twitter. They drew attention to the geographic location of users, responses to weather reports and up-to-date information about its condition. To find out how people feel about temperature increases now, the data collected was compared with temperature indicators from the 1981-1990s.

It turned out that most often people respond toweather conditions that are not typical for a season: for example, in warm winters and cold summers. However, this reaction is quickly forgotten, and after five years, people begin to perceive warm winters and other abnormal phenomena as something normal.

It really looks like boiling frog syndrome. People began to get used to the changes that they really want to prevent.

Francis Moore, climate specialist

This fact has alerted the researchers, butthey believe that the weather will still be felt in the future. Most likely, people will notice changes with a sharp increase in the number of forest fires, droughts and storms. Such disasters will be able to remind people in the toughest form about the state of the planet, and they will urgently have to perceive something.

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