In the Egyptian pyramid found the way to the "afterlife"

The ancient Egyptians believed that after their deathman falls on the court to the god of the next world Osiris, but the path to it is littered with dangerous obstacles and monsters. The recent discovery of Polish scientists proved that the ancient Egyptians believed in all this so much that they built a road to the underworld right on Earth, next to the graves of people. One of them was found not far from the pyramid of Pharaoh Joser - the path is a collection of tunnels with various obstacles. Inside one of the rooms, archaeologists discovered an object that, in the opinion of the ancient Egyptians, could protect the dead from monsters.

The facility was excavated on site.Egyptian settlement Saqqara, where is one of the earliest pyramids in history, built by Pharaoh Joser. It consists of six stone steps that were erected around 2650 BC. With a length and width of 129 × 115 meters, the height of the pyramid is 62 meters.

How did the Egyptians imagine death?

North of the pyramid Pharaoh's servants built forit has a memorial temple with a 10.5 meter wall and a deep ditch surrounding it. Earlier in the burial site, archaeologists found several long tunnels leading to the pyramid of Pharaoh. One of them was very different from the others - she led into a small room in which lay a harpoon decorated with drawings of snakes.

Pyramid of Djoser

According to the head of the excavation, CamilaKurashkevich, this ancient artifact could be one of the tests that were awaiting Pharaoh, and his weapon against monsters. Probably, Dzhoser also learned protective spells before his death, which, according to legend, help the dead pass all the tests prepared for them.

The dry moat around the burial was also a symbolpath to the underworld. It was inspected by archaeologists at the beginning of the 20th century: stairs and rows of recesses on the walls were found in it, the purpose of which still remained a mystery. Now, archaeologists are almost sure that he, too, served as a model for the path to the other world, and was full of traps.

Excavation site

Riddle of the Djoser Pyramid

With all this, Pharaoh Djoser’s burial is allstill remains an extremely mysterious structure. At 20 meters from the room with a harpoon there is an underground passage, which can lead to another tunnel. Unfortunately, at the moment it is impossible to study the other side of the move, as it is filled with a huge stone. Scientists are already trying to pass through the barrier, so in the near future we will already know what lies behind it.

Mummies of poor people found in Egypt

In addition to the mysterious structure on the territoryDjoser's pyramids, archaeologists have found a dozen poorly preserved mummies. Judging by their terrible condition, and the burial in the pit excavated in the sand, these people were not rich. Some of the dead were kept in wooden sarcophagi with hieroglyphs, which were clearly simply copied, and wrong - the scientists could not decipher them.

Recently, Egypt surprises with its rich past. Recently, archaeologists have discovered one of the most ancient fortresses in history, which was once partially destroyed during a siege.

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