In the development of another flying car with folding wings (7 photos + video)

Designing cars capable ofthe same efficiency to move over land and in the air, is one of the most pressing problems for the modern automobile industry. The NFT US-Israel joint venture unveiled yet another conceptual solution for the Aska flying car.

Car Aska for movement useshybrid engine on electricity and gasoline, and will be able to make a vertical takeoff and landing. When moving on the ground, the wings of the car are folded and the car turns into a normal SUV.

In preparation for takeoff, the wings unfold, andthis opens 10 channel fans, mounted in the body of the car. Two more fans are located at the back and one on each wing. Aska is required for takeoff, a platform of 20 by 20 meters. After takeoff, four fans (on the wings and located at the back) are transferred to the horizontal position, which allows the car to move in the horizontal plane. After landing, the wings fold.

The hybrid power system providesAska travels up to 560 km. The company's plans include the development of vehicles equipped with an autopilot and capable of carrying three passengers. The autopilot will be equipped with an artificial intelligence system.

The cost of a hybrid flying car will behigh enough for retail. Therefore, NFT implies the implementation of a subscription service, when for a monthly subscription the client receives one car for use at any required time. A full-size prototype of Aska will be announced in early 2020.