In the capital of Norway will install wireless charging stations for taxis

Norway's appetites for electric carsrise every year. For example, according to the latest data, 40 percent of all car sales in the country last year accounted for electric cars. Therefore, it is not surprising news that the government is going to further stimulate the transition from conventional cars with an internal combustion engine to environmentally friendly transport by installing special asphalt platforms in the capital for wireless charging of electric cars-taxis. While the electric car will be in place in anticipation of a new client, the car’s batteries will be able to recharge quickly and conveniently.

This initiative was launched directly.Administration of Oslo, which has long paid attention to the aspect that most of the electric cars, taxis for a long time idle on special sites in anticipation of customers. Cooperating with Fortum, a Finnish energy company specializing in the development of special energy solutions, the city administration wants to install special wireless charging platforms with a capacity of up to 75 kW and quickly recharge the idle electric taxis with them.

"For the first time for electric cars, taxis will beA project is underway to integrate wireless charging stations into the infrastructure of the streets of the city. This will open up the possibility for further development and equipping the streets of cities with wireless charging technologies for all electric car owners, ”the project contractor notes.

In addition, the Oslo authorities noted that suchthe initiative will attract even more attention to the problem of using traditional gas and gasoline vehicles, since by 2023 the authorities plan to finally get rid of it and thus reduce to zero the production of harmful emissions and vehicle emissions.

“The future is in electricity, and it is already here. Wireless charging stations for electric vehicles will drastically change the situation. From 2023, all taxi cars in Oslo will be environmentally friendly. Together, we will make sure that the transition to electric cars is as camphore as possible and efficient for all residents of the city. Oslo has always been ahead in terms of technological innovation, and we are pleased to announce efforts together with two leading and most progressive industry players in this ambitious and revolutionary project to electrify the entire taxi fleet, ”said Stour Portvik, Oslo Electro Mobility Department.

With such an active approach, the Norwegian authoritiesCapitals can quickly solve the problem of congestion and at the same time provide taxi companies with a fast and high-quality way to provide recharging for their electric vehicles. It remains only to wait for the final implementation of the project and observe public opinion and the dynamics of its change - however, according to forecasts, it will definitely be positive.

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