In the African desert included a song that will "play forever"

One of the main problems of modern gadgets - theirhave to charge. In some cases, this should be done every day (for example, smartphones), and sometimes you can afford a break if it comes to tablets, wireless speakers and other devices with low energy consumption. Creating something “eternal” is postponed for the most part for this reason, but one artist was able to circumvent this limitation in the old proven way.

Among the Namib, the most ancient desert in the world,African artist created the installation of several speakers and a player. As planned, the player should constantly produce the track of the Toto group - "Africa", which was released in 1982. The speakers and player are powered both from built-in batteries and from solar panels located around the perimeter. For stability, they are bolted to concrete columns, which are slightly dug in the sand.

As planned by the artist, the song should “play forever: the sun in Africa is enough, so the device’s batteries won't sit down. The only thing that can interfere with the installation is the harsh climate of the Namib desert, where sand storms often occur. Well, or vandals who decide to destroy the composition.

The idea is to use solar panels to createsomething “eternal” is not new, but so far no one has implemented it in a similar way. The song “Africa” itself became “viral” a few years ago, becoming one of the favorite tracks on the entire Internet.

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