In Tesla cars you can watch TV shows

Did you know that the people of Moscow spend intraffic jams over 90 hours a year? But this time can be spent on something pleasant and useful - for example, on learning something new with the help of a video lesson on the Internet. It seems that very soon Tesla car owners will be able to afford it, because through the displays installed in the salon you can watch YouTube or even TV shows in the Netflix service. But how will the company make it so that drivers cannot include videos and TV shows right while driving? Of course, the head of the company Ilon Mask took care of this.

According to him, the ability to open YouTube andThe service for watching TV shows will be provided only when the car is parked. That is, initially the owners still can not entertain themselves while standing in traffic jams. But to revise the "Game of Thrones" or, say, the science-based "Chernobyl", it will be possible while waiting for a child from kindergarten.

TV in the car

In fact, the emergence of YouTube on carsTesla is not unexpected news. On the support of the service for watching videos, Ilon Mask mentioned in an interview conducted at the E3 game conference in 2019. At the same time, the entrepreneur told about new games that can be launched directly on the car screen and control characters using the steering wheel or USB controller.

Inside Tesla is a decent display for TV shows and games.

Yes, you can run games and TV shows firstonly in parked cars, but in the future things may change. Already in 2020, Tesla wants to launch a taxi service in which the transportation of passengers will be fully entrusted to the autopilot. What do people do during the trip? Most likely, they will still be able to run video and games while driving, but inside the car there will obviously need a person ready to take control of the car in case of an emergency.

Unmanned car knocked down a pedestrian

It is worth noting that ready to interceptdriving a person will need to ban look at the display. Otherwise, the same horrible event as in 2017 could happen. Then the man who was following the movement of the Uber unmanned vehicle, for 42 minutes, watched a television show through his smartphone and completely forgot to follow the road. When a 49-year-old cyclist appeared in front of the car, he did not manage to take control and a woman died under the wheels of a car.

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