In Sony, create a smartphone, curled into a roll (4 photos)

There was a leak from insiders with anotherinformation about the flexible smartphone currently being developed by the Japanese company Sony. It is worth noting that corporations such as Samsung, Huawei or Royole are fighting over this idea. But their gadgets only rethink the clamshell.

In this case, the development is rather similar toLG's flagship tv roll. Apparently, the device generally will not have a solid body with any particular form. The smartphone can be bent at any point. In size, it will decrease, curling into a roll.

The prototype of the gadget has a display from LG, a camera with10x zoom, SM7250 chipset, which is a sequel to Snapdragon 730. Over time, it can be replaced with Snapdragon 855. The battery capacity is 3220 mAh. Although where in a similar case you can even place the battery, it is unclear. Exact information will appear much later. Experts are sure that this year they will not have time to present the novelty. Waiting for her announcement is not earlier than next year.

Sony is working on a competitor to the Galaxy Fold and Mate X.

The current prototypes feature:
SM7250 SoC
LG Display
Nautilus design
10x Zoom Camera

The retail models may feature:
Snapdragon 855 Soc
Qualcomm X50 Modem

(Video via. @Slashgear

- Max J. (@Samsung_News_) July 6, 2019