In Russia, they want to introduce the mandatory registration of smartphones by IMEI code

Self-isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic,has already made adjustments to the work of many companies and government agencies. Russian regulators also decided to speed up the process of remote registration and announced their intention to legitimize the remote registration of mobile subscribers and devices using a unique factory IMEI number.

Remote registration of mobile subscribers,initiated by the Ministry of Communications, will allow citizens to purchase a SIM card without presenting a passport and visiting the salon. If the law is passed, a full-fledged opportunity to work with eSIM can be deployed in Russia.

The only flaw pointed tospecialists, is the fact that with remote registration, the Unified Biometric System will be used, in which only 30 thousand Russians have currently registered. Registration in the EBS is prevented by the fear of citizens to lose their privacy.

Another legislative initiative is becomingproposal to introduce mandatory registration of devices by IMEI (unique serial number). Such an innovation will allow, on the one hand, to reduce the theft of mobile gadgets, and on the other, to streamline the market by eliminating the illegal and semi-illegal import of smartphones into the country. The legislative plans of the Federation Council include the introduction of registration from June 1, 2021. However, a device purchased before this date will be “approved” to work on networks for another three years. In the future, access to mobile networks will be possible only with IMEI registration.