In Russia, they can begin to punish the distribution of fake news (3 photos)

The State Duma approved in the first reading a draft lawon the introduction of fines for disseminating unreliable socially significant information in the media and the Internet, the so-called fake news.

The creators of the bill talk about carepublic order in the country. The amount of fines will depend on the legal status of the “offender”. Ordinary citizens will pay 3-5 thousand rubles, officials will fine 30-50 thousand rubles, and legal entities will “grow poor” from 400 thousand to 1 million rubles, and they will also confiscate the subject of an administrative offense. Corresponding amendments are proposed to be made to Article 13.15 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses (CAO) of the Russian Federation (“Abuse of mass media freedom”).

According to the proposal, the new paragraph in the article reads as follows: “Distribution in the media, as well as in information and telecommunication networks, of deliberately unreliable socially important information under the guise of reliable messages, which creates a threat to the life and (or) health of citizens, mass disturbance of public order and (or) public safety, termination of life support, transportation or social infrastructure, the occurrence of other serious consequences entails the imposition of an administrative fine ”.

Roskomnadzor after finding falseinformation, will send a request to remove the news from the site within 24 hours, otherwise the service will block the site through the operator. Interestingly, for such actions she does not need a court decision.

In addition to this law, it is proposed to impose fines andimprisonment for 15 days for disrespectful treatment of symbolism, state bodies, the state, employees and the people of Russia, if statements were made in indecent form.

The Human Rights Council negatively met such bills and said that there is no need for such measures.