In Russia, showed the first unmanned tractor

Russian corporation "Roscosmos", whichmanages all space projects of our country, presented its first tractor without a driver's cab. It is simply not needed in it, because the car can build its own routes, go around obstacles and maintain a safe speed of movement. According to the developers, from now on they can teach almost any agricultural equipment to drive independently - all the electronics built into the tractor can be transferred, for example, to a combine.

Development of an unmanned tractor involveddivision of "Roskosmos" called Scientific and Production Association of Automatics. The presentation was held as part of the Innoprom-2019 exhibition, which was held in Yekaterinburg from July 8 to July 11. Representatives of the association showed the public the appearance of the tractor and told how it manages to work without a driver.

How does the tractor work?

New Russian invention is devoid of the usualcockpit, steering and pedals, and there is no room for a person. But inside it there is a device that receives signals from a satellite, telling it where it is located with an accuracy of up to 10 centimeters. Understanding where he is and what surrounds him, the tractor can easily build routes and go to the place where he wants to be sent.

At the same time, it can maintain a safe speed.movement and go around obstacles. The cameras installed on his body, capable of recognizing objects, help him see everything that happens. All information collected during the movement is accumulated in the memory of the tractor, and in subsequent times it rarely turns for help to the satellite.

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At the presentation, the corporation brought onlya prototype tractor, and was unable to show how it goes without the driver on real roads. However, at the moment it still can not be released on the road alone. The developers admitted that during the tests the tractor works strictly under the supervision of a person who builds an approximate route to him in advance and monitors the correctness of his movement.

Unmanned tram

Remarkably, this is not the first attempt."Roskosmos" create unmanned vehicles. In March 2019, the head of the corporation Dmitry Rogozin announced that they want to develop a tram that will independently drive on rails and carry out medical examinations for passengers. It will consist of 2-3 cars with Wi-Fi and medical equipment.

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The idea, frankly, seems crazy, and with thatmany experts agree. They very much doubt that during the movement you can take blood tests and measure pressure. In addition, it is not clear for whom such trams will be intended - in the USA, mobile buses with medical equipment assist the homeless, but even they do not do it in motion, but stop in safe and secure places.

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