In Russia presented a quantum phone for 30 million rubles (2 photos)

The greatest value in modern society hasinformation. To protect data streams, governments and businesses spare neither energy nor money. Developers from Russia presented the world's first telephone communication system VipNet QSS Phone, which received protection based on quantum data encryption technology.

Development of a fundamentally new communication systemlasted for three years and demanded an investment of 700 million rubles. It was designed and built by VipNet QSS Phone by engineers from Infotex in partnership with scientists from the Faculty of Physics at Moscow State University. The principle of symmetric encryption of network traffic is used in quantum encryption. The essence of the technology lies in the inability to read or change any individual “quantum” without the need to change other “quanta”. In the case of an unauthorized attempt to break into a separate “quantum”, the system immediately determines the fact of penetration into the system, isolates this “quantum” and ceases to use it to transmit information.

The developed device demonstrates highresistance to various methods of information theft using quantum computers capable of hacking into any cryptographic system running on computers with silicon processors.

Currently, the VipNet QSS Phone isThe world's first device that applies quantum encryption technology to protect individual traffic. The disadvantage of the created system is the small radius of distribution of the quantum key, which does not exceed 25 km. Developers are working on increasing this parameter. One of the methods of solving the problem can be the installation of trust network nodes in remote cities. The use of satellite communications to cover the whole of Russia is being developed.

The price of the kit, which includes the server,switchboard, five phones and special equipment for quantum keys, is 30 million rubles. A system for providing communication for up to 100 users is provided for; however, such a kit costs already 100 million rubles. The VipNet QSS Phone system, capable of encrypting voice traffic and text messages, will be in demand by government agencies and large companies that value information security highly.