In Russia, developing a ship for lifting sunken ships

Few people think about it, but drowned inwater ships, submarines, planes and space satellites harm nature no less than the microplastics especially discussed today. The most dangerous particles found at the bottom of the equipment are rust and fuel residues - they can poison water for hundreds of years. All this garbage needs to be immediately pulled out to land and for this in the next few years a Russian ship will be used, which is being developed by the Krylov State Scientific Center under the "Project 23570". Information about the upcoming new product was published on the FlotProm portal.

How many wrecks exist at the moment, no one knows

Ship construction will begin in 2020 inMurmansk region, on the territory of the Kola Peninsula. The body of the swimming apparatus will be made in the form of a catamaran, that is, it will consist of two parallel hulls connected by a deck. Since he will have to lift rather large and heavy objects, the size of the body will be 137 meters in length and 36 meters in width. All this will allow the vessel to lift cargo weighing up to 14 thousand tons.

How many wrecks in Russia?

In the photo below you can see thatthe lifting device will be located at the bottom of the ship, between parallel hulls. It is expected that with the help of it in the coming years in Murmansk the floating dock PD-50, sunken in 2018, will be lifted from the bottom. Also, the floating apparatus will be used to repair submarine pipelines. In general, there is plenty of work for the ship at the moment.

The layout of the "Project 23570." Photo Mil.Press

There are really a lot of sunken in Russiaships, some of which are at the bottom of large rivers. For example, since 1998, more than 2,000 swimming devices have been lifted from the bottom of the Volga basin. It is known that at the bottom of the Volga River there are currently 481 different ships, the metal hulls of which are constantly oxidized and harm all underwater creatures and plants. It is hoped that someday humanity will be able to at least slightly clear the water depths.

Sunken floating dock PD-50

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Harm of sunken ships

Some ships lie at the bottom of the seas and oceanshundreds of years, and humanity does not even know about the existence of some of them. Sunken objects can be detected using radars that scan underwater areas using echolocation. We talked about this method of searching for objects lost under water in the news about sunken temples and ships found in Egypt.

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I also highly recommend reading the material from myselfabout finding at the bottom of the Baltic Sea a ship from the time of Christopher Columbus. As a rule, so old ships today are already completely eaten by the so-called "shipworms", but this ship was preserved much better than the rest. There is nothing wrong with the ship lying at the bottom for hundreds of years - after all, before ships were built of wood, and this is an environmentally friendly product that easily decomposes.

Thanks to ships like the Russian Project23570 ”, people may well clear our planet of underwater debris. Not only can this help to improve the purity of nature, but also the active search and raising of ships to land increases the chances of finding treasures. Very intriguing, right?