In Russia, developed the first "reusable" rocket glider. Here's what it will look like.

The development of the first one started in Russia"Reusable" aircraft. The creation of an unmanned rocket glider took the company "ISON", which provided an image of the new device edition of RIA Novosti. It is expected that with its help it will be possible to deduct the payload to the near-Earth orbit.

The device will be equipped with a rocket engine 14D30 -it is he who is used on the Briz-M acceleration blocks. With its help, flights at an altitude of up to 160 kilometers will be possible (the launch of satellites into an orbit with an altitude of up to 500 kilometers). The unmanned rocket plane is designed for at least 50 flights.

ISON also provided an injectionapparatus into orbit. The rocket plane can be used several times, since at the initial stage of the flight the carrier aircraft will be used (M-55 Geophysics). It is planned to carry out its landing with the help of parachutes.

According to the head of the developer company, the device is notIt will be used for shock purposes, and it does not exclude the possibility of exporting the drone. He also said that only Russian components would be involved in the development of the rocket glider.

Development of the project of the first "reusable"Russian aircraft cost 55 million rubles. This is exactly what ISON received from the Project-Technique Corporation and the Skolkovo Foundation. The cost of the second stage of work is estimated at 280 million rubles: part, again, will cover Skolkovo, and the rest of the money will come from other investors. Development rocket plan is in the interests of "Roskosmos".

Its unmanned spaceplane is also being developed by the American company Boeing, which produced the X-37B for the US Air Force. After the fifth launch, he spent more than 500 days in orbit.

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