In Russia, created a cutlet of artificial meat, for only 900 thousand rubles

Somewhere in 5 years we will abandon the presentmeat and start eating artificial. In the US, the so-called “test tube meat” has already received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and burgers with it have already gone on sale at Burger King. Artificial meat is being developed not only in the USA, but also in Russia - for two years, the Ochakov Food Ingredients Plant (OKPI) has been doing this. In the end, they turned out a cutlet of minced meat weighing 40 grams and costing 900 thousand rubles. Representatives of the plant told how artificial meat was obtained and how much it will cost in the future.

One of the reasons for giving up real meat is the protection of animals

At the moment, most manufacturersartificial meat create it from plant materials. For example, the American startup Impossible Foods in early 2019 introduced the world to a burger with meat made from soy protein - a herbaceous plant from which milk, butter and other products are also made. The Russian plant preferred another option for the production of meat and literally grew a large piece of meat from a tiny piece of muscle tissue of an elite breed Aberdeen Angus calf muscle.

Aberdeen Angus cow

How is artificial meat created?

Representatives of the plant noted that musclethe tissue was taken under anesthesia, meaning the calf did not feel any pain. Further, this tissue was placed in a nutrient medium, which is a gel of amino acids, vitamins, salts and other components. In this environment, the cells of a tiny piece of veal began to grow and divide, as a result of which the combine was able to present an expensive, but nutritious and harmless to humans cutlet. So, at least, representatives of the plant said.

"Test tubes" in which meat was grown

Cultivated (grown) meat should not beconfused with imitation of meat, which is a vegetarian product made from vegetable protein, most often from soy or wheat, ”explained Nikolai Shimanovsky, curator of the tissue engineering laboratory at OKPI.

How much does artificial meat cost?

They also shared that Russian artificiallygrown meat may appear on sale as early as 2023. True, only on condition that the authorities take an example from other countries and allow its sale. First, an artificial product will cost more than this - the cost of a kilogram of meat will be about 5.8 thousand rubles. The price of artificial meat should drop somewhere by 2028 and reach approximately 800 rubles per kilogram. Sounds good, right?

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First of all, the cost will be reduced due touse of domestic nutrient medium in which meat is grown. At the moment, the plant uses a Swiss-made environment, a liter of which costs 1.5-3 million rubles. The Russian product, in turn, will cost 300 rubles per liter, and the cell growth rate, according to representatives of the plant, will not be lower than when using a Swiss-made environment.

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The plant promises a lot, but it remains for ushope that the cost of artificial meat will someday really be reduced. It is also very interesting how Russian artificial meat will taste - one of our authors has already shared his impressions of the burger of the American company Impossible Burger and was very pleased.