In Russia, all devices may appear pre-installed domestic software (3 photos)

Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation is planningcreate a favorable atmosphere for domestic software developers by moving such giants as Google, Apple and Microsoft on the market.

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For this service has developed a bill inwhich provides for the installation of Russian software for all devices weighing up to 10 kg, which are sold in Russia. The law will concern the browser, the messenger, the antivirus program, the maps and the navigator. In addition, manufacturers will have to allow the removal of any pre-installed programs at the request of the owner of the gadget. Roskomnadzor will monitor the fulfillment of the law.

February 1, the State Duma will consider this initiative. Russian companies have already expressed support for the bill. Among them: Group, MegaFon, MTS, Russoft and Kaspersky Lab. But device manufacturers are extremely unhappy with such restrictions. The association of trading companies and manufacturers of consumer electronics and computer equipment, which includes all the major electronics manufacturers, wrote their vision of the situation to the head of the antimonopoly service. In their opinion, this decision will affect the quality of both devices and software. The release of new devices to the market will increase, and the use of only domestic programs kills competition and contributes to corruption.