In Russia, a new species of the most terrible spider in the world

What do you think people are most afraid of -firearms, or spiders? According to statistics, people feel more fear at the sight of creatures with many legs and eyes. It is very readily believed in, because after seeing some of these creatures there is a desire to burn everything that they touched. Scary-looking spiders live not only in warm countries, but also in Russia. For example, recently, scientists have discovered a completely new species of the so-called wolf spider, the mere sight of which can terrify you. You are already wondering how they look and what can be dangerous?

Let's calm down first. In fact, if a wolf spider runs alongside you in nature, you may not notice it - the largest species grow to a maximum of three centimeters. Most often they live in grassy areas and humid forests, hiding in piles of fallen leaves and in minks, shrouded inside with a thick layer of cobwebs. When you walk through the forest, you definitely won’t touch the web they made, because they never catch prey with the help of nets.


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Why are spiders scary?

First of all, people are afraid of the appearance of spiders. Their body consists of two parts. The first is called the cephalothorax and includes eight eyes, and a couple of moving limbs, with the help of which males attract females and push food into their mouths. The second part is the abdominal cavity in which all other internal organs of the animal are located.

The location of the spider's eyes: four small on the bottom, two large on the top and another pair on the sides

The body of the spiders is black, gray or brown.color, and light individuals are very rare. Dark coloring helps spiders hide from predators, disguising themselves as foliage and tree bark. Also, the appearance helps them to be invisible to prey, which they can see at a distance of up to 30 centimeters and attack in a jump.

What do spiders eat?

As a rule, wolf spiders prey on smallbugs and do not mind eating flies and insect larvae. They lead a solitary lifestyle and crawl out of their shelters only at night - apparently, they are afraid to become victims of predators. However, sometimes spiders manage to eat even in the afternoon, if some insect has the courage to run past their burrows.

Hunting spider

By attacking the victim in a jump, these creatures are insuredfrom falling, having previously attached the web to the place from where the jump is made. Quite smart for spiders, isn't it? This is still nothing - some of these creatures are even capable of learning, for example, jumping. Then their skill is used by scientists to create robots.

The scariest spiders

Each type of spider is scary in its own way, but this speciescan make you stiff with horror with your offspring care method. The fact is that the females of these creatures lay their eggs and carry them on their back for a long time, attaching with the help of a web. Not scary yet? Then see what the female looks like after hatching.

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Sometimes there are so many children that the body of a spidercompletely covered by them - only the eyes remain visible. Dozens of tiny spiders ride on their mother's back until they learn how to make their own food. Imagine that you saw such a spectacle at home - it was for such cases, probably, that Elon Musk began selling flamethrowers.

What are dangerous spiders for humans?

Do not you think that a person can die even fromlight touch of these terrible spiders? In fact, everything is not as scary as it seems. First, wolf spiders do not attack humans unless provoked. Secondly, this type of spider is not toxic and a bite can hardly lead to death of a person.

The maximum that a person feels after a bitespider, this is a little pain and itching. Despite this, tropical species of wolf spiders are better to be wary of, because they bite much more painfully, and the consequences include swelling, dizziness, and nausea. If such a nuisance happens to someone, it is important to consult a doctor.

A new kind of spider

The scary spiders shown above are unlikely to meetto you in Russia. However, in Altai you can meet their smaller brothers, who were recently discovered on the territory of the Katunsky reserve. They live in mountainous areas along with other species of wolf spiders, which seemed to scientists an extremely strange phenomenon. Previously, they had never seen different species of these spiders live in close proximity.

This "handsome" can be found in Russia

According to scientists, the new species of spiders is very cowardly.- at the sight of a man they immediately hide under the stones. Nevertheless, the researchers managed to photograph them and catch several individuals for study in the laboratory. At the moment, the species does not even have an official name, but after studying it will certainly appear.

Hate spiders? Wasps, too, and therefore turn them into zombies

What is the use of spiders?

Despite their terrible appearance, spiders play veryan important role in nature. We should be grateful to them for the fact that they actively destroy insects dangerous for the crop. Also, some types of spiders weave a very durable web, from which the most reliable body armor is made.

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