In Moscow, will hold a 4-month simulation of the flight to the moon (7 photos)

Systematic flights to the moon will be nextstep of humanity for space exploration. The nearest plans of people include not only tourist trips around the natural satellite of the Earth, but also the creation of special complexes in orbit and on the surface of a space object. It is customary to prepare for such large-scale projects in advance, and therefore, on March 19, a ground-based experiment that simulates a flight to the Moon starts in the capital of Russia. It will produce an imitation of flight, life on the orbital station, landing on the moon and working on its surface.

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In the test will be attended by a doctor from Russia,At least 2 foreigners and 2 - 3 girls. They will carry out all types of work and take minutes accompanying the actual flight and landing on the moon, as well as return to Earth. In the course of the experiment, people will study the psychology and performance of people in isolation.

There are already 10 people in the volunteer team. Four of them will be included in the backup composition remaining outside the walls of the complex. Experimenters collaborate with experts from NASA. When the 4-month stage is completed, the test will be repeated, increasing its duration first to 8 and then to 12 months.