In May, the drones of "Yandex" appear on the streets of Moscow

At the end of 2016, Yandex begandevelopment of own unmanned vehicle control system. All this time, her drones were tested inside special landfills, but in May they will appear on the roads of Moscow. This will be done as part of an experiment on the production of autonomous vehicles, on the basis of the results of which a special commission will work out standards for the new industry.

In addition to Yandex, the development of UAVsSix other companies are engaged, but its cars will be the first to appear on the roads of Moscow. The autopilot system will be installed on Hyundai and Kia production models, but in the future the company intends to provide its software and hardware complex to other manufacturers.

According to the head of the group of companies "Yandex"Arkady Volozh, the autonomous driving technology created by them has already proven its reliability. Cars have already been tested in Moscow, Tel Aviv and Las Vegas, and may well learn to ride on the roads of other cities. The general director of the Yandex.Taxi service, Tigran Khudaverdyan, is completely confident that they have reached the level of Google and Uber, and Russia has every chance of becoming a leader in this industry. Until the end of 2019, the company wants to expand its UAV fleet to 100 cars.

The experiment will last until March 1, 2022 -cars of different companies will appear on the roads of Moscow and Kazan. At the first stages, a tester will be at the wheel, who in case of danger will be able to take control. But the developers hope that the cars will become as independent as possible and on the basis of them it will be possible to create services of unmanned taxi and freight.

Such a service already in 2020 plansstart Tesla company - it has already developed the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Hardware 3 system for driving cars without human intervention. Yandex is also working on such a system together with Hundai - it is expected that the driver will only be required to turn on the car and specify the end point of the route.

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