In many European countries, the real cost of owning an electric car has fallen below the cost of owning a car with an internal combustion engine.

According to the leasing company LeasePlan, in many European countries the real cost of ownership

electric car has become lower than the cost of ownershipcars with an internal combustion engine. The rise in the cost of fuel in Europe is outstripping the rise in the cost of electricity, and the decline in the cost of electric vehicles in comparison with the cost of cars with internal combustion engines has led to the fact that it becomes more profitable to own an electric car. LeasePlan conducted the assessment based on an analysis of data from its own fleet of vehicles, which currently exceeds 1.9 million vehicles in 22 countries. Experts note that the continuation of this trend may soon lead to a sharp transition of Europeans to the use of electric vehicles. In many European markets, the difference in operating costs can exceed 170€ per month in favor of electric cars. If 15% of the cost of owning an electric car is the cost of charging the car, then in the case of a diesel car, these costs will be 28%. Such data contribute to continued growth in demand for electric vehicles, which is 39%-43% globally, and Europe is one of the fastest growing markets for electric vehicles.