In Korea, secretly broadcast to the network vacation guests in hotels (3 photos)

In Seoul, arrested two people who organized inSouth Korea has a wide network of hidden cameras in hotel rooms. Last year, they installed hidden cameras in three dozen hotels located in ten cities of the country. And then watched the 42 rooms. During this time 1 600 people rested in them.

Tiny cameras were used: lens diameter was 1 millimeter. They were installed at various points: outlets, set-top boxes, televisions, hair dryers, and so on. From the cameras in real time broadcast video. For this purpose, a site based abroad was used.

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It has already been established that the organizers were able toearn at least 6,200 US dollars. They sold about 800 videos for about a hundred people. In general, about 4 thousand people used the services of the resource. Detainees can be fined about $ 25,000, as well as imprisonment for up to 5 years. The term may increase to 10 years if pornography is also detected in the commercials.