In Japan, they created cyborg cockroaches to explore hard-to-reach places (2 photos)

A group of scientists from the Japanese researchorganizations RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research presented their latest development. They created a controlled hybrid of the Madagascar cockroach, which is controlled remotely using a wireless module.

The system is arranged as follows:a wireless module controls the legs, and a lithium polymer battery is attached to the cockroach's upper chest. The design is held by a special backpack, modeled after the body of a model cockroach.

Interestingly, the battery of the device is charged using sunlight - it takes about 30 minutes.

According to the researchers, they developedcyborg cockroaches can be used to explore dangerous and hard-to-reach areas. True, in this case, in addition to the previously described set, you also need to add the necessary sensors, for example, radiation dosimeters.