In Japan, have developed tires that produce electricity

Electric cars are beyond anydoubt, the future of all vehicles. At the same time, the industry of creating electric cars is still quite young and, most likely, electric cars for a wide range of consumers in the future will be very different from what we see today. Perhaps they will be installed tires from the Japanese company Sumitomo Rubber. What is so special about them, you ask? It's simple: these seemingly ordinary car tires can generate electricity.

How tires generate energy

By and large, in the development of the Japanese do notnothing complicated: on the inside of the tire there is a special device for collecting static electricity. As you know, during the movement of the car and the constant deformation of the tire, a sufficient amount of energy is formed, which, as a rule, is simply dissipated. However, the new device, which received the name Energy Harvester ("energy collector"), allows you to use static electricity for the benefit of the car.

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According to Sumitomo Rubber engineers, forthe full power of the car collected energy, of course, is not enough. However, it is quite enough for, for example, to power the dvoreniya sensor in tires or motion sensors located in the same place, brake system controllers and other electronic devices that do not require much energy to operate. This may seem like a “drop in the ocean”, but such small modifications can increase the power reserve of the car by a couple of kilometers, which is always nice.

What's next?

Actually, SumitomoRubber is not going to stop, and if now Energy Harvester is working to collect static electricity, then in the future, engineers plan to significantly increase the energy efficiency of the entire technology. If at the moment the device can be used with almost any kind of tire, simply integrating the system on the inner surface, then using airless tires, the system can be made more massive and installed into the tire itself. Moreover, by providing the electrodes for collecting energy a contact with the ground, it will be possible to significantly increase the amount of generated energy.

So future iterations of Energy Harvesterwill be able to collect energy resulting from friction on the earth's surface. And this will provide a much more serious influx of electricity into the system to power the electric car.

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