In Greenland, the remains of a fossilized ancient tree were raised from a depth of 1.4 km (video)

Another unexpected discovery in GreenlandWhat puzzled scientists was made on the basis of old, practically forgotten scientific materials recovered from the depths back in 1966. More than half a century ago, from a depth of about a mile (4,560 feet, or 1,390 meters), the U.S. military in northwestern Greenland retrieved a core about 15 feet long and sent it to the freezer. Then they forgot about the samples and accidentally discovered them only in 2017.

In 2019, the composition of the rock extracted from the glacier wasstudied under a microscope by University of Vermont scientist Andrew Christos, who, to his surprise, discovered branches and leaves in the rock, indicating that in the recent past Greenland was covered with vegetation and the island was free of ice.

Discovered evidence of forest growth onlatitude of Greenland, in the place where now there is an almost one and a half kilometer layer of ice, can give rise to several directly opposite interpretations at once.

Opponents of the theory of global warming saw inThis fact confirms that in the recent past on Earth there was a much milder climate, and this did not lead to the collapse of civilization and the death of all living things.

Advocates of apocalyptic human impacton the climate, it was assumed that the nature of Greenland is extremely sensitive to temperature changes and just a million years ago, and possibly several hundred thousand years ago, the "Green Island" was indeed covered with forests, as is now covered with vegetation in northern Alaska, located at the same latitude. Scientists immediately suggested that the situation could repeat itself, and this would lead to the melting of the Greenland ice sheet, which could cause the world's oceans to rise by 6 meters (20 feet) and lead to another worldwide flood, disastrous for all coastal cities.

Source: uvm