In Germany, new energy car sales are already outpacing gasoline cars

September sales of new cars in Germany showed that the country is consistently moving towards

use of cars on new sourcesenergy. Thus, the number of cars on new energy sources in September amounted to 72,725 units, which is 29% higher than the sales figures of September last year. These results have allowed vehicles powered by new energy sources to take a major share in new car sales in Germany. It accounted for 32.3%, ahead of petrol models, which sold 72,375 units. The share of diesel cars, which were previously favorites of the German market, was only 17%, 38,159 units were sold. The share of sales of purely electric vehicles reached 19.7%, or 44,389 units. The absolute German market leader in the new energy segment was Tesla with 13,724 cars sold, followed by Mercedes-Benz with 7,956 cars sold, and Volkswagen in third place with 7,148 cars sold.