In France, found a stone with ancient drawings of animals

Approximately 8 thousand years BC in the territorySpain and France, the Madeleine culture was spread, the carriers of which hunted on mammoths, and after their extinction they switched to other animals from the end of the Ice Age. After it was followed by the Azil culture that arose because of the warming of the climate, and recently the archaeologists were lucky to find the artifacts left by this ancient people. The most interesting of them was a piece of limestone with drawings of animals.

It is believed that the Azilian culture existedabout 14 thousand years ago, and was not as common as Madeleine. Due to the melting of the ice and reducing the amount of food, the tools of this culture differ sharply from the previous one, and have become more rough and less common. Throughout history, archaeologists have been able to find small arrowheads and harpoons from bone fragments, as well as stones with different ornaments.

Archaeologists have found pictures of Asil culture

One of these stones was recently found.nearby the French city of Angouleme - an artifact turned out to be a limestone slab measuring 25 by 18 centimeters, and 3 centimeters thick. On both sides of the stone, one can discern the engraved patterns of animals typical of the Azilian culture. It was on this stone that three horses, deer and bison were depicted, but the figures were only partially preserved, since the plate was broken.

It is believed that the drawings were made about 12thousand years ago asil hunters. Most likely, there was a parking lot nearby the French city, because in addition to the stone, the researchers managed to find tools for game, a few remains of fires and the bones of animals they killed. To apply the image, apparently, used a solid tool, although scientists have evidence that this nation also knew how to paint with ocher mineral paint.

Harpoon Azilian Culture

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