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In Egypt, the found mummy of a young man without a brain. How could this happen?

Ancient Egypt is full of secrets, the disclosure of whichscientists make very creepy discoveries. In 2018, archaeologists told details about the unusual exhibit of the museum of the city of Maidstone - the 2100-year-old mummy was stored there, but it was too small in size embalmed body person. Due to the fact that the mummy was painted in the form of a falcon, historians have suggested that they are dealing with the mummified body of a bird. This would not be surprising, because the ancient Egyptians with great respect buried cats, crocodiles and even beetles. However, having studied the historical object with the help of a computer tomograph, which allows you to take a look at the insides of the objects without opening it, scientists were horrified to find out that the mummy belongs to a stillborn baby without a brain.

Perhaps the child belonged to one of the rulers of Egypt

Embalming Is a method for preventing rotting of corpses. In ancient Egypt, to preserve bodies, substances were used to destroy microbes and prevent tissue destruction. Lenin in the mausoleum, by the way, is also embalmed.

Stillborn baby

According to ScienceAlert, the baby was born at 28week of pregnancy, then the average duration of this process is 38 weeks. Serious spinal problems and abnormal skull structure were found in a prematurely born boy. According to anthropologist Andrew Nelson, who studies the structure of people, the upper part of the head was poorly formed, and the boy’s ears were almost on the back of the head. The mummy also had signs cleft lip.

Cleft lip Is a congenital malformation characterized byseparation of the upper lip from one or two sides. The exact cause of cleft lip is unknown, but it is suggested that the process may be triggered by taking certain medications during pregnancy or a lack of vitamins.

After studying the body structure of the mummy, scientists came to the conclusion that the child died in the womb due to anencephaly. This is the name of the physical disability of the child,which can develop at 11-12 weeks of pregnancy of the mother. It is characterized by a complete or partial absence of the brain, as well as some areas of the skull. In the case of the described baby, the brain had an extreme degree of underdevelopment.

Scientists were so sure that they discovered an embalmed animal that the exhibit was stored in the museum with the name "EA 493 Mummified Hawk"

Judging by the fact that the stillborn child wasembalmed, parents treated him in a special way. According to Andrew Nelson, it was extremely difficult for mother and father to lose their future son, and the realization of how scary he looked could have an even stronger effect on their emotional state. Instead of burying the baby under the floor of the house or observing other ancient traditions, the parents decided to mummify it, and in ancient Egypt only very important personalities such as the pharaohs were honored.

It was clearly not the skeleton of the bird that was stored under the layers of bandages

According to researchers, improper developmenta child could have arisen due to the lack of folic acid in his mother’s diet. This vitamin is responsible for the development of the neural tube - the germ of the central nervous system of many animals. The nervous system was poorly developed, therefore, the brain could not form correctly.

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Secrets of Egypt

Such finds are very rare - at the moment it isOnly the eighth stillborn child, turned into a mummy. In the entire history of science, scientists managed to find only two mummified fruits with anencephaly. the first was found in 1826, and almost two centuries have passed since then. And the second mummified fruit is this one, which is discussed in this article.

God of Horus, by the contemporary artist

As mentioned above, in addition to people in the AncientEgypt even mummified animals. In 2019, French scientists managed to look inside embalmed cats with X-rays and 3D modeling and find out that there are no cat skulls under the layers of bandages. They suggested that the heads were used during the rituals, and all other parts of the body were mummified as gratitude for the “service”. Read more about this in one of my old materials.