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In China, they began to fight with coronavirus using drones. Or not?

We can often see information about new laws,which regulate the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. As a rule, they mean quadrocopters. Most of them are household, like DJI Mavic or Phantom, but there is a more serious technique. Someone will say that regulation is necessary to reduce the number of freedoms of citizens, but many will agree that this is an element of security (including). After all, if these 3-10 kg fall on your head from a height of a couple of hundred meters, it will not seem enough. All these measures indicate that drones have already become our satellites. The situation in China has become an additional confirmation of this. Although, perhaps, this is just advertising and someone beautifully promoted in an ugly situation.

An army of drones can do a lot. As they say, one in the field is not a warrior.


  • 1 What is happening in China
  • 2 How to treat the area from the virus
  • 3 How to use drones in special operations
  • 4 Why you can not use drones to eliminate disasters

What is going on in china

Of course, everyone knows about this, but by tradition, likeposited in such a situation, for those who are in the tank, it must be recalled what exactly is happening in China. If you, like the hero of Brandon Fraser from the movie “Explosion from the Past,” came out of a military bunker, never having been to the surface before, I’ll tell you that a new epidemic is gaining momentum in the world, the first signs of which were revealed at the end of December last year .

At first, it seemed that they managed to localize everything, andthe virus remained in China, but after a couple of months its traces began to be detected in other countries of the world. Including in Italy. Moreover, in this country, the surge in incidence was simply insane. Thousands of people fell ill in just a few days.

It's about the coronavirus COVID-19, whichtransmitted very quickly, affects the human mucous membranes and in some cases leads to death. The main symptoms are fever, weakness, diarrhea and some others. As a result, everything turns into pneumonia, which is not cured in all patients. As a result, at the time of this writing, more than 90,000 people have already been infected in the world and more than 3,000 people have died.

How to treat the area from the virus

In order to take action and not just treatpeople, but also to work proactively, special services clean the area using special tools that reduce the activity of the virus or completely kill it. Indeed, contrary to popular belief, the virus is not so tenacious. It cannot exist for a long time without the donor cell protein and dies at temperatures above 40-45 degrees.

In addition to processing to reduce activityviruses, in an epidemic it is important to prevent their spread in the air with dust and other suspended matter. Sometimes when treating territories, irrigation is carried out simply with water in order to nail dust. This method is not always applied, and sometimes it is even forbidden to use, but this also makes sense.

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In any case, specially trainedpeople in special suits that exclude interaction with an aggressive environment. In any case, this is dangerous, since there is always a risk of infection when in the focus of diseases. For this, special technical means are often used.

How to use drones in special operations

We all know cases when in military operationsdrones are used. It can be flying systems that run an existing program or are just remotely controlled, or they can be terrestrial or even underwater / underground systems. It all depends on the needs and the task.

The use of drones in agriculture is now very common.

Partly, agriculture can also be calledarea of ​​special operations, because it also uses sophisticated equipment and involves operators who work with it. Now this technique is used to work in the zone of infection in several provinces of China.

There is a drone manufacturer like XAG,which was previously better known as XAircraft. In the lineup there are both flying drones and wheeled robots with autonomous control. All of them are designed to make field work easier and more automated. There is even information that one drone can replace 100 people.

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Now the company has established a special fund of 5million yuan to contain the epidemic. The program plans to use XPlanet drones and R80 robots to treat areas and reduce the risk of virus transmission through contact with an infected surface.

As part of this struggle, a total of 370 teams will be engaged in the processing of territories using 2600 pieces of equipment. Work will be carried out in 20 provinces of China.

Copters and their pilots.

Of course, only by such means is impossibledestroy the virus, but it contributes. Drones are designed to replace people who go with special sprayers and process the territory. Below we will discuss other replacement options, which, by the way, are not many.

Given that such systems were originallycreated in order to move automatically and spray special liquids, as well as be able to position with an accuracy of a couple of meters, they really should help in this difficult task. First of all, they will have to handle the sites of potential infection and waste collection points.

Thanks to sophisticated software suchDrones can be combined into groups, exchange information about the treated areas and thereby work in automatic mode, not interfering, but helping each other. Knowing which territory has already been treated by one drone, the other will not process it, and will also not “follow its own tracks” and give out more substance than the program provides. All this leads to the fact that the reagent consumption is reduced by 20 percent, which is not small at all on such a scale. And given that one drone can disinfect up to 600-700 thousand square meters of territory per day, it becomes clear what the army of such devices is capable of.

Of course, there are places in which quadrocopterscan’t fly in. In such places, the R80 robots just work, somewhat reminiscent of robotic dogs on wheels. They are relatively small in size, allowing them to overcome bottlenecks, and have a circular spray system.

This is what the XAG R80 looks like.

It is worth noting that for a more complete coveragethe entire area of ​​the cultivated area, drones do not water the surface with liquid, but spray it. As a result, it is distributed more evenly due to the fact that when it settles, it is mixed with moisture in the air.

Even experiments were set up that shouldmake it clear whether the copter can help ground services in their work. To do this, he was given the task of processing a police car, with which he successfully coped, hovering over the car and carrying out the processing. Inspection showed that 99.8 percent of the surface area was treated. The only question is what to do with the bottom? R80?

Similar demonstrations were held in others.places. For example, in schools, in parking lots and just outside. Everywhere drones and robots showed themselves from a very good side, giving hope that they can be used not only in the fields, but also in the fight against global disasters (biological and chemical).

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Why you can not use drones to eliminate disasters

Now it's time to dream a little andimagine how events will develop in the event of a collision with something really serious. With what is shown in disaster films, when people just need one breath in order to die or turn into a zombie.

Let's say there is a task to clear the territory,having processed it by special means. The drone was loaded, filled, sent and he flew to fulfill his task. At some point, the battery runs out and he needs to return to charge or replace it. At this point, the person will have to contact him and put himself at risk.

Any drone needs to be serviced. But how to do it if it is infected?

Information on how the quick system is implementedcharging and refueling drones, no, but it needs to be invented. In theory, everything should be built on the basis of other robots that will replace the batteries and fill the tanks. Suppose, a system will be implemented in the spirit of that which is in robotic vacuum cleaners when he himself arrives at the base and charges. This is possible, but the fact that the system will work quickly and clearly, while hard to believe.

All because drones that are usedfor field irrigation, initially work in completely different conditions. The field is flat, clean and, as a rule, of the correct form. And most importantly, drone maintenance during such work is carried out in comfortable conditions without risk to the life and health of the operator.

The city and the open field are completely different operating conditions.

Based on the above, to me (and not only)the situation seems to be a PR based on a difficult situation in the world and people's fears. In reality, you can do much easier. To spray substances, you can use helicopters or aircraft, which are also used in agriculture, but will be able to take on board significantly more material and work with less efficiency. Moreover, aircraft that are suitable for such tasks are small and can take off from almost any flat surface. Well, the risks for the pilot will not be higher than for the drone operator, who will refuel it. You can still run cars with pressurized cabs, but in the conditions of the city they will not go everywhere.

As the development of technology promoting similarideas, it sounds good, and such a cover from the air will definitely not be superfluous, but just why now and in such conditions? More like a whipped up story about attempts to save humanity with a yard shovel.

More confidence in the advertising characterwhat is happening inspires a movie in which it is shown how the copter is filled with medical cargo and sent 700 km from the take-off point to Wuhan. That's just to overcome such a distance for a loaded copter is a very difficult task.

In addition, it’s too colorful to show how heflies over the city. And the last nail is the ending of this video, where a man without a mask sits in this drone and flies enjoying the views. That is, the main message was how comfortable flying on such things.

This can be treated differently and II think that in the comments everyone will express their opinion on this matter, but everything looks too sweet. It’s like during a volcanic eruption to show that you can walk on cooling lava in “our new welder boots”. The comparison may be a bit abstract, but you get the gist.