In China, make a custom version of Xiaomi Mi9 with high capacity battery

Flagship Xiaomi Mi9 is inferior to manycompetitors due to the fact that it is equipped with a low-capacity battery, only 3300 mAh. Entrepreneurial Chinese came to the conclusion about the need to customize the smartphone Xiaomi.

Embed into the smartphone Xiaomi Mi9 insteadA standard rechargeable battery twice, or even three times more capacious, was offered by one Chinese retailer. It is characteristic that, according to his calculations, the parameters of the device do not increase much: the thickness grows by only 3.4 mm, and the weight - by 60 grams. To solve the problem of improving the smartphone Xiaomi Mi9, the author adapted a custom case in which the main camera is recessed into the back cover.

The cost of the upgrade master estimated at 43 dollars. And the retailer does not sell ready-made smartphones with an increased battery capacity of up to 9900 mAh, and offers users to send their own.