In cars Tesla appears analogue of Google Play with games and applications.

Tesla has long been interested into create an analogue of Google Play and the App Store for their cars. This is not surprising, because the games and applications are asking for Tesla electric cars themselves - cars are equipped with huge displays, have access to the Internet, and will soon receive a full-fledged autopilot system to relieve drivers of the need to constantly hold the wheel. According to Ilona Mask, an application store may appear in the coming years, when the fleet of cars will exceed one million.

At the moment in Tesla cars already havegames, but they are very simple - we are talking about the pre-installed Asteroids, Lunar Lander and other arcades from the classic Atari console. In 2012, thanks to the unofficial API, it became possible to run simple third-party applications on cars, but developers still do not have a complete set of tools for creating applications for Tesla.

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When will the Tesla games come out?

According to Ilona Mask, before you createTesla application store, the company needs to release and sell more cars. According to Electrek, at the moment the fleet of Tesla electric cars has more than 500,000 cars, and their number is constantly growing. As soon as the number of Tesla owners increases to, say, a million people, application development will finally be justified.

Before introducing the company's games and applications alsoshould change the orientation of displays, and increase the power of the on-board computer. The company is already working on the displays - in future updates of the Tesla Model S and Model X they will adopt a horizontal orientation, just like in today's popular Tesla Model 3. By increasing the power and memory capacity, the company will be able to implement support for the full Unity and Unreal engines.

Cuphead will be released for Tesla cars

At the moment, the company intends to equiptheir games Cuphead game - porting is engaged in a game studio Studio MDHR. Ilon Mask shared that he demanded from developers the highest-quality port so that the game does not slow down and support USB controllers. Start the most difficult game that looks like a classic cartoon from Disney, it will be possible only on a parked car.

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It is expected that in the future to run games andapplications will be possible even while driving. The fact is that the company is preparing to release a full-fledged autopilot, which will allow the driver to completely relax and do other things. The company is so confident in the future independence of its cars that in 2020 it plans to launch a robotic taxi service. You can read more about it in our material.

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