In Australia, found the remains of a new dinosaur, decorated with precious stones

Sometimes paleontologists are really diggingamazing remains of ancient creatures - for example, in Australia dinosaur bones with particles of precious stones were found. After examining the remains glittering in blue and green, the scientists came to the conclusion that for millions of years they were naturally decorated with jewelery and opal. For some time, the bones lay in the museum, and only decades later were carefully studied - it turned out that in addition to their unusual coloring, they are special in that they belonged to a previously unknown dinosaur species.

The fossils of an ancient creature were found inback in 1984, in a small Australian town of Lightning Ridge. The man who discovered the bones turned out to be the opal earner Robert Foster, who worked at a depth of 10 meters, under a field called Sheepyard, or “Sheep Yard”. For a long time, the stone-decorated bones were in the Australian Museum in Sydney, but recently the Foster family handed over the remains to the Australian Opal Center, where they were carefully studied.

A new type of dinosaur lived 100 million years ago

For bone analysis, scientists usedCT scanner, which showed that the bones belonged to a previously unknown dinosaur. He was given the name Fostoria dhimbangunmal - later paleontologists unearthed the remains of four more individuals. According to them, they were united in a herd, and therefore died in the same place and well preserved.

It is believed that the dinosaurs found lived near100 million years ago, in the middle of the Cretaceous. They were herbivores, and hunted for food on two hind limbs - their growth allowed them to eat the leaves of the trees. The region in which they lived is currently barren, but in the middle of the Cretaceous period there were rivers, lagoons and a lot of vegetation in this area.

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