In a modern browser, you can run almost 7000 old MS-DOS games (free)

The history of computer games counts alreadyseveral decades during which they underwent revolutionary changes. However, the exciting storylines and well-thought-out interface of many old MS-DOS games maintain a constant interest in the community in such applications.

Since 2013, the Internet Archive resource has been collecting MS-DOS games, continuously replenishing the library with new applications. Recently, another 2.5 thousand popular games were received in the archive.

The total number of game applications stored inInternet Archive is now 6,983, and they can be run directly in the browser using the DOSBox and JSMESS emulators. Any user can choose the game he likes and experience it on a modern computer.

During the last expansion of the steel archivehits from the past are available such as Street Fighter 2, The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard, The Lost Vikings, Magic Carpet Plus, two parts of King’s Quest, DOOM, Jurassic Park, Mortal Kombat, Alone in the Dark and Wizardry VII.

All games are presented here.