In 2029, astronomers will study an asteroid dangerous to the Earth at close range

In April 2029, the inhabitants of the Earth will be able to see onThere is a rapid spot of light in the sky, but this glow will not come from a satellite or a plane. The source will be Apophis asteroid flying at the closest distance, which was considered one of the possible causes of the terrible catastrophe that could happen to the Earth in the coming years. Scientists have already proved that the asteroid is unlikely to collide with the Earth, but intend to carefully study it in order to protect the planet from other potentially dangerous objects.

Asteroid Apophis was discovered in 2004researchers from the Kitt Peak National Observatory. Its discovery was a real sensation, because the initial calculations showed that the probability of its collision with the Earth is 2.7%. However, in 2013 the possibility of a catastrophe was completely excluded - it became known that the object would fly past the Earth and would not collide with it even on the way back in 2036.

Plans for the study of Apophis

Asteroid flies past, but rather closedistance from the planet - for scientists this is a great opportunity to carefully study the object. How they will do this is not yet known, that the initial plans will be considered during the conference on the protection of planets in the state of Maryland. During the same event, scientists rehearse a possible fall of the asteroid on Earth - you can read about scenarios invented for the experiment in our material.

The close flight of Apophis in 2029 will bean incredible opportunity for science. We will observe the asteroid with optical and radar telescopes. With the help of radar observations, we will be able to examine surface areas of just a few meters in size.

Marina Brozovi, NASA Radar Specialist

During the conference, experts put forwardassumptions about how gravity of the Earth can affect the asteroid. They will also decide whether they need to prepare a space mission in order to study the surface and composition of the cosmic guest.

We already know that a rapprochement with the Earth will changeApophis’s orbit, but our models also show that it can also change the way this asteroid rotates, and possibly cause some surface changes.

David Farnokkya, Astronomer Center for the Study of Near-Earth Objects

Apophis is considered a representative of about 2000.currently known potentially dangerous asteroids, and data obtained in the course of a future study will help people avoid catastrophes in the future.

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