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In 2027, a hotel for 400 people will appear in space, but people do not believe in it

In 2027, the first will appear near the hotel and this is far from fiction. Very soon anyone will be able to rent a comfortable room and take a break from the bustle of the earth. Guests will have access to restaurants, gyms and other facilities for recreation and entertainment. It sounds fantastic, so many people flatly refuse to believe the reality of this project. And this is quite expected - at the moment it is difficult for engineers to build even something like a modern International Station, and then someone is going to open a whole hotel! Recently, one of the authors of this project gave an interview to Dezeen and told about everything that is primarily of interest to ordinary people. He explained how they intend to open a space hotel in such a short timeframe and what an important problem they need to solve at the moment.

The Voyager space hotel as seen by the artist

Voyager Space Hotel

About the imminent creation of a space hotel becameknown a few weeks ago - the news was shared by the Daily Mail. The construction will be carried out by the American company Orbital Assembly, and the station will be called Voyager. The structure will be in the form of a huge ring and will be located in low-earth orbit. The mechanism will constantly rotate so that the people inside are slightly pressed to the floor and artificial gravity is created. Inside, the structure will resemble a cruise ship with capsule rooms, restaurants and other establishments. In general, you will not get bored there.

This is how the rooms inside the hotel will look like.

On an area of ​​50,000 square meters, there will bethere are 24 modules, which can accommodate about 400 people. The construction of the station is scheduled to begin in 2025. If all goes according to plan, the Voyager space hotel will open in 2027. This is where the questions begin. Usually the construction of even small spacecraft takes a huge amount of time and requires a huge investment. So how is Orbital Assembly going to build an entire station for human habitation in just a couple of years?

And this, apparently, is a space restaurant

Interesting fact: for the first time about the construction of the International Spacepeople started talking about the station in 1993, but it was launched only 5 years later. And all this took about $ 250 billion - many countries invested in the project. Where Orbital Assembly is going to get the money for an even larger project is still not completely clear.

Building a hotel in space

Answers to questions of interest to people have recently been givenTim Alatorre, space hotel architect. According to him, they may indeed be able to open the hotel in 2027. They plan to meet the deadline due to the fact that the main part of the station will be assembled while on Earth and only then will be sent to low-Earth orbit. In addition, they will not wait for the completion of construction of all 24 modules of the hotel - the opening will take place immediately after 4 modules are ready.

Apparently, it will even be possible to go out into outer space from the hotel.

Everything sounds pretty plausible.Just imagine, this hotel has opened - and then what? Anyone who wants to go there is clearly not allowed. Not only will it cost fabulous money to stay in Earth's orbit, but you also need to be physically ready for a space flight. Future tourists will have to undergo a thorough medical examination and training. And no one will let ordinary people into space until the company has proven that the hotel is completely safe. And it can take a very long time to get a permit.

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However, at the moment, many companiestrying to develop space tourism. Virgin Galactic is making notable progress in this business - in 2020 it even showed the interior of the VSS Unity cruise ship. So, if the hotel is established, it will most likely be able to accommodate customers of Virgin and other similar companies.