In 2022, Haval cars have risen in price by an average of 350-370 thousand rubles

The Haval brand has taken a strong position in the Russian automotive market, but the market situation has led to a sharp

rising prices for the brand's cars.On average, for 2022, Haval cars have risen in price by 350-370 thousand rubles. Last year, two new models were presented in Russia, now four Haval models are presented on our market - Jolion, F7, F7x and Dargo. At the beginning of last year, Haval Jolion in the basic configuration could be bought for 1,449,000 rubles, now this car is being sold for 1,799,000 rubles. The same situation is observed with other models of the brand. In total, 34 thousand Haval cars were sold in Russia last year, thus, the brand has become one of the best-selling brands of Chinese cars in Russia. In total, 120,000 Chinese cars were delivered to the Russian market.