In 2020, alcohol in the Russian Federation will be sold upon presentation of a smartphone

Already at the beginning of next year, Russian officialsintend to test the program on the use of special mobile applications for personal identification when selling alcoholic beverages. Now, citizens will not need to present a passport, instead, the age will be confirmed by the application on the smartphone.

Testing the application running inAs part of the program, the introduction of an electronic passport will apply to alcohol and cigarettes, the sale of which should confirm their age. Standard ID cards or paper passports will now replace the smartphone.

Interestingly, testing that will begin inthe first half of 2020 in Moscow, the goal will be to determine how secure applications are for cracking. The electronic passport itself will work on two main components: a chip on a special card and an application on a smartphone. Users will be able to independently choose the design of the application, and after the first stage of testing, talk about the shortcomings of the interface and express wishes for its improvement.

At the first stage, the government chose the sphereusing an application that will not have serious legal consequences, but at the same time provoking interest from young hackers to crack the system. Such an experiment will effectively evaluate the security of the system.

A full-fledged program for the complete transfer of Russians to an electronic passport will start in 2021, and its full implementation will take four years.