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Immortal trees may suffer from stress

Ginkgo biloba - a real living fossil amongtrees. While the world has undergone massive climate change and mass extinction more than once, the ginkgo biloba or maiden tree remains the same as it has been for tens of millions of years. Unique survivability is not the only feature of an almost immortal plant - it is known that individual trees of this species can live more than 1000 years, sometimes dying only at the age of two to three thousand years. Moreover, recent studies have shown that under favorable conditions, the life span of a ginkgo tree can be almost unlimited, and the only thing that can overshadow the very long life of trees is stress.

Ginkgo biloba can be stressed

Do plants experience stress?

Aging and death are a natural part of life.any living creature on the planet, except for some plants, such as ginkgo. Despite the fact that the annual rings of these trees become thinner over time, scientists have found a very small difference in the ability of “older” trees to resist disease, photosynthesis and seed germination compared to young trees. According to, while examining tissue samples from 600-year-old ginkgo trees, researchers found that in the case of these plants, signs of aging and any deterioration are not observed even at such a respectable age. So, if a person’s immune system begins to deteriorate with age, then the ginkgo’s immune system even at the age of 1000 looks like a 20-year-old person.

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Ginkgo trees are generally recognized centenarians among the flora of our planet.

According to research,centered on the vascular system of trees, the cells of the ginkgo biloba meristem are similar to the stem cells observed in humans and animals. Experts have established that since the vascular system of the plant serves as a reliable indicator of the continued growth of the tree, G. biloba can maintain the ability to grow continuously for hundreds and thousands of years. Thanks to this feature, the maiden tree successfully avoids aging at the level of the whole plant. In other words, although ginkgo are not immune to death, they probably do not die of old age. Instead, unique plants usually die from other external factors, such as forest fires, diseases, and stress.

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Researchers believe that unique propertiesGinkgo allows the plant to show molecular signs of age-related changes only a few hundred years after the phase of most active growth. Be that as it may, scientists have yet to figure out exactly what processes occur with the tree throughout its long life.