Immediately 10 times: prices for subscription services from Apple have increased significantly

Apple once again "pleases" users with "unilateral withdrawal of money, which became possible due to

unlimited power” (statement of the associationdevelopers of Coalition for App Fairness). Before the passions around the price increase in the App Store in a number of countries had subsided, the company increased the cost of subscribing to services by 7-10 times at once (TASS news agency reported this with reference to the publication of the Financial Times). So, for an individual subscription to Apple Music, you will now have to pay $ 10.99 per month (previously $ 1), and for a family subscription - $ 16.99 (previously - $ 2). The Apple TV+ service will cost $5.99 per month (previously $4.99), while the combined subscription will require $14.95 (up from $2) and $22.95 (up from $3) for individual and family plans, respectively.

The reason for the price increase is simple: Apple claims that the cost of licensing content has increased, and the proceeds will go to royalties to copyright holders.

Photo: AP Photo/Andy Wong