I'm watching you: a phone bracket has come out that will watch your movements

The Danish brand Sandberg, dealing with mobile accessories, has presented an entertaining novelty.

The announced motion-tracking phone mount is suitable for content creation, content viewing, and even video calls.

Moreover, no application or additional drivers are required, the gadget works right out of the box.

The software is installed directly inmount, and the built-in AI gadget allows the stand to track your face to rotate your phone screen.

You can place a phone with a width of 4 to 8.5 centimeters in the stand, and the mount itself is capable of doing a 360-degree turn. The built-in accumulator works till 8 o'clock.

The most interesting thing is that at minimal cost for the device, you can hang a home camera from a computer, which opens up new opportunities for the same streamers.

To many, the device may seem controversial, but for creating video content, Sandberg seems to be quite an interesting innovation.