Ilon Musk wants to dig a tunnel for a new particle accelerator (5 photos)

The Boring Company has little experience in creating tunnels, but the director and founder of the company, Ilon Musk, wants to build a tunnel for the next CERN particle accelerator.

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CERN, the European Organization for NuclearResearch, the world's largest high-energy physics laboratory, recently announced that it plans to build a Future Circular Collider (Future Ring Collider, or FCC). This massive particle accelerator will help researchers discover some of the biggest secrets of physics.

It is likely that Ilon Musk, indeed,will be able to play a significant role in the implementation of this project. After the release of the FCC material, Musk stated on his Twitter account that the CERN director was interested in him if Boring Co. was ready to the construction of a new tunnel for the LHC.

Mentioned Mask BAK - is the Large HadronCollider, which was built in a huge tunnel under the ground. With it, the researchers disperse particles to unimaginably high speeds, and then push them together. Currently it is the most powerful particle accelerator in the world. However, the capacity of the FCC will be 10 times larger, the same tunnel in which it will be located is four times as long. Musk did not immediately clarify whether he meant by the “new BAC” the FCC, mentioned in the CERN material and in need, apparently, in a new tunnel.

As expected at CERN, only for the construction of the tunnelwill take about 5.7 billion euros. But, as Musk assures in his tweet, if he works on the project, his “Boring Company” may even save them a couple of billions. In general, about 20 billion euros will be spent on grandiose construction with a length of 100 km.

CERN’s proposal may be veryprofitable. But it is difficult to predict whether Ilon Musk’s expectations will be met. After all, so far the only project that completed the Boring Company is a demonstration tunnel in Los Angeles, only about 2 kilometers long. First, it would be nice to get to the scale of the FCC.

However, CERN plans to build a new collideronly by 2050, not before. So, the Mask brainchild still has time to gain enough experience to move to larger projects.