Ilon Musk to build Hyperloop station in Washington

While the authorities of the remaining US statesponder whether to allow the Mask to dig their own tunnels, in Washington they prefer to act. The Boring Company recently received permission to carry out preparatory and excavation work at the parking near the National Mall shopping center - this is where very soon the first station for high-speed trains Hyperloop may appear.

Permission to build the station is only the firstpart of the plan proposed by Mask to the city department of transport. Officials are now exploring the possibility of creating a network of Hyperloop tunnels, but for the time being we are only talking about a theory - passenger traffic at speeds of up to one thousand kilometers per hour has yet to be carefully considered for safety.

Representatives of the company confirmed that the siteon New York Avenue can really become the first node in the future transport system. Probably, The Boring Company is planning to build its own version of Hyperloop under the city, presented by the designers and engineers of the company last year.

Recall that at the end of 2017 of intentCollaborate with The Boring Company announced and the Governor of Maryland. He confirmed that the company is working with state authorities on the concept of a high-speed branch of electric transport capable of connecting Baltimore and Washington.