Ilon Musk: fully self-managed Tesla will appear in 2020

Who, if not Ilon Musk, is known for his bravepredictions? That night, he once again "insulted" anyone who doubted his ability to rid the world of drivers: Tesla's general director said that the function of full self-control in the company's cars would be completed before the end of 2019. And until the end of 2020, he added, she will be so capable that you can sleep at the wheel while she drives your car from the parking lot to work.

When will Tesla get full autopilot?

“I think we’ll finish the fullself-government this year, that is, the car will be able to find you in the parking lot, pick it up and take it to your destination without interference already this year, ”said Musk. "I'm sure of it. This is without question.

Today, Tesla customers who want to spend extra$ 5,000 can unlock the extended autopilot feature (Enhanced Autopilot) on their cars, which is much simpler than Musk promises. This technology takes the car to the road, offers to hold or change the lane, helps with navigation along the road interchanges and exit. In any case, it is written in the manual for the driver.

But Tesla cars definitely can't drive,where they want - neither on official roads, nor in parking lots, nor around the city. Mask has long said that this will happen one day. In the period from October 2016 to October 2018, customers could even pay an extra $ 3,000 for the “full self-management” function, which, according to Tesla's promises, will once be unlocked using a software update. And supposedly all cars produced since October 2016 have all the necessary equipment for this. In January 2017, Mask said that the elements of this function will begin to be released in three to six months. This also did not happen. Everything is as usual: Mask promises, but engineers do not have time.

Revised schedule for the emergence of self-managedTesla was great news for customers who have been waiting for their functions for months or even years. However, Musk warned that the company would need another year to get to the point where its cars would be completely autonomous.

While Musk continues to make bold predictionsregarding Tesla autonomous car technology, most of its competitors are moving in the other direction, moderating their once aggressive launch dates for fully independent cars. Last year, Waymo held the launch of a self-managed taxi service in Phoenix, stating that the service is not yet ready for the general public, and that the driver should remain at the wheel for safety. This technology is “very, very heavy,” said Waymo CEO, John Krafchik.

Meanwhile, General Motors said that in thisyear will launch its own taxi with an autonomous vehicle, but does not yet know where and when. Uber's plans are also changing as the company tries to recover from last year’s catastrophe, as a result of which a woman died in Arizona. Companies such as Nuro and Aurora, make their technology with caution and without loud statements. Musk, however, has never been a fan of sticking his tongue.

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