Ilon Musk completed the construction of the world's largest battery in 100 days

You probably remember the story of howThe famous inventor and, no doubt, the talented entrepreneur Ilon Musk won the tender for the construction in Australia of the world's largest lithium-ion battery Tesla Powerpack. At the same time, Musk personally voiced, among other things, that if he fails to complete the construction of this battery in 100 days, Tesla will fully take the costs for the construction itself. Well, you need to give Mask his due: he kept his word and managed in 100 days.

The main purpose of building a similarenergy storage has become the need of one of the regions of Australia to provide electricity. It was necessary to build a battery of 100 megawatt-hours, and it was desirable to complete the project before the beginning of December, so that Mask’s company would not suffer undesirable losses. This battery had to be recharged from a renewable energy source - the Australian wind power park Hornsdale. As Musk promised, he organized the construction in such a way that he met the deadline and helped the Australian government solve some of its energy problems.

Full tests of the giant energy storagemust start the other day. During the tests, Australian experts must understand: does the world's largest accumulator meet local requirements and legislation, does it put attendants at risk and does not threaten the nature and ecology of the state. The start of the full-fledged work of the Tesla Powerpack is scheduled for December 1, 2017. For Australia, the uninterrupted operation of this electric storage is extremely important, because last September a part of the country was left almost without light, after which the government seriously decided to reconsider its views on the energy sector. The cost of a giant battery is about 50 million dollars.