Ilon Musk and The Boring Company will start selling flamethrowers

Immediately after Ilon Musk sold all the capswith the logo of his brainchild The Boring Company, which is going to drill tunnels under the cities, the head of the company tweeted that he was going to sell flame throwers. Everyone thought it was a joke. In vain. Users with Reddit discovered that Musk is not joking.

Hats sold out, flamethrowers soon!

- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 24, 2017

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On the page “ / flamethrower ”a password field appeared, and one of the Reddit users manually guessed it. After that, the company’s online store page opened, on which there was a description of the product - a flame thrower from The Boring Company - and a pre-order button.

According to the information given on the page, the flamethrower from Mask will cost only $ 600 and will be available in April 2018.

It’s pretty easy to sell flamethrowers in the USafter all, they are not considered firearms (however strange it may sound - they fire at fire!), therefore, in order to sell them, you do not need to obtain permits from the special services and pay additional taxes to the treasury. Anyone who is already 18 years old can buy such a thing. But in Russia this is somewhat more difficult - the importation of flamethrowers into our country is prohibited.

The sale of caps with logos The Boring Company earned 300 thousand dollars. I wonder how much will be able to help out on the sale of flamethrowers?