Ilon Mask wants to cast Tesla electric car cases entirely, and not to assemble them in parts

Tesla engineers regularly work on variousimprovements to make the cars of this company even more reliable, functional, and most importantly cheap to manufacture (and therefore more affordable). At the same time, if you do not take into account the "stuffing" cars, even the production of the body is still very expensive for the company. This is the problem that Ilon Musk wants to solve. His idea is to cast the entire body of the car from metal, without wasting time and money on assembling the body from scattered parts.

Why do I need to cast the entire car body?

The new installation for casting the whole body, Mr. Musk is going to use in the production of Tesla Model Y.

The principle of operation of the equipment is described in the newcompany patent. The installation is called "multidirectional single-layer casting machine for the production of the vehicle body". The expediency of the new representatives of Tesla is explained as follows:

As a rule, in the context of the production of the hullThe vehicle for casting various components uses several injection molding machines. At the same time, one part of the machine is manufactured on a specially created installation. And there may be several dozen such units. Further, all components from each casting plant should be assembled together. In this case, the production line of every detail must be provided with the appropriate personnel.

This makes sense, because if (in theory) reduce the number of these casting plants and reduce their number to a minimum, then the cost of production will be much less.

When will Tesla produce cars on the new technology?

It is expected that the new casting plant shouldappear on the new factory Gigafactory 3 in China. The new casting plant will reduce assembly time, operating costs and the space required for organizing the assembly shop. This will allow in the shortest possible time to establish a mass release of the new Model Y.

This is interesting: Tesla is developing a car with a rocket engine.

In addition, Tesla also plans to reducethe number of cables used in the manufacture of cars. For example, in each Model S 3 kilometers of wires were installed, in Model 3 - 1.5 kilometers. And in Model Y it is planned to use no more than 100 meters of wires. If the launch of the new system is successful, it will be another step towards the dream of Ilona Mask - the fully automated production of cars without any human participation.

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