Ilon Mask told why you need a camera above the rearview mirror in Tesla Model 3

Electric cars with function supportSelf-driving is literally crammed with a variety of sensors and cameras. Many people are seriously concerned about the safety of personal data, so it is extremely important for them to know what exactly this or that part of equipment is for. One of these people recently posted a video on Twitter, where he closed the camera above the rearview mirror in Tesla Model 3. According to him, he does not intend to open it until Tesla explains what it is for. Ilon Mask himself answered him.

According to the entrepreneur, basically this camerait is necessary so that Tesla can be used as a stand-alone taxi, and leased by owners to third parties. The function of renting a car is already built into cars, but so far hidden - it is expected that it will appear in 2019, as soon as the developers release the final version of the corresponding software.

It’s there for when we start competing withTesla Shared Autonomy Fleet. In case of someone up your car, you can check out the video.

- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) on April 5, 2019

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According to Ilona Mask, the opportunity to passcar rental will allow owners to earn extra money, and literally compensate for all the money spent on the purchase. In the future, thanks to this function, people will be able to recoup the expenses for technical support of the car, that is, almost everyone can afford to buy a Tesla electric car. The camera will perform a very obvious function - it will capture the faces of the tenants so that in the event of damage to the car, the violators will be easy to find.

Also the camera is necessary for proper operation."Regime hour", which became known in early 2019. This mode allows the owner to always be aware of the condition of the car when it is not near. For example, he can see how the pet left in the cabin feels, and receive notifications when the thieves attempt to open the car.

This begs the question - do you seal the camera on a smartphone, laptop and other equipment? Write your answer in the comments, and you can discuss the topic in more detail in our Telegram-chat.