IKEA has created curtains that can clean the air in the apartment

Everyone knows that plants are able to cleanair, absorbing carbon dioxide and harmful substances from the atmosphere, producing oxygen. For this reason, many people keep several green spaces in their houses. And what about those who are not friends with plants? You can use special curtains from IKEA, which have the function of air purification. The novelty was named Gunrid and should be on sale next year.

The company still provides little information aboutThe new product, but reports that the fabric from which the curtains are made, is covered with a layer of photocatalyst, which, under the influence of light, destroys the pollutants in the air. According to the developer of IKEA, Mauricio Affonso, the technology works “like photosynthesis in plants”.

Details about the substance that covered the curtainsthe company does not report, but it can be assumed that the engineers for the creation of curtains have chosen titanium dioxide. They will work on the principle of photocatalysis: particles of titanium dioxide on the surface of the fabric under the influence of sunlight will be able to accelerate the oxidation of organic pollutants, as a result of which the air entering through the window will be cleaner.

In IKEA, according to statistics from the Worldhealth organizations, published last May, 90 percent of the world's population breathes polluted air. Hazardous substances in the air are also named by WHO as the cause of about eight million deaths a year, because they increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, as well as various lung diseases, including cancer.

To reduce the level of harmful substances in the air,Governments reduce emission standards for harmful substances during production. If we talk about ordinary consumers, then various air purification systems are available for home use. IKEA decided to simplify the task and at the same time make its solution more original by integrating the filtering system into the most common piece of furniture - curtains.

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Unfortunately, the company does not disclose more detailed details about the fabric and its effectiveness. About the price of the product is also unknown.

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